And a reminder of the real Palestinian/Israeli situation as well. Thanks to Sojourners, one of my favorite magazines, whose title reminds me that we are all just traveling through. fighting-real-enemy-fear#.UAxTUt8t6-w.facebook


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  1. that story was of pure love and forgiveness. it was just awesome, and i love to read of these types of features. thank u so much for sharing with me

  2. Would that there were more such stories, especially in areas where people think they have to hate the “enemy.”

  3. where is this story, Mona?

  4. I read it now. Love it.
    ” my greatest enemy is the soldier’s fear. His head is filled with many ideas about me that aren’t true. I want to give him another view of me and my family, so he doesn’t need to fear us.””
    I would add: my greatest enemy is also my own fear, and my own ideas/perception that I still have not challenged.
    Marshall Rosenberg – the great creator of Non Violent Communication, has had many jobs with israelis and Palestinians – and with Tutsis And Hutus – he teaches them to really listen to each other, and above all, listen to what the other part needs.

    • Praise be! What a wonderful thing — to listen to each other — and to ourselves, even the parts we don’t want to face. Maybe we’ll get another view of ourselves too.

      I’m glad you got to it. I’ll try to google Marshall Rosenberg

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