As I understand it, the basic position of the Tea Party Folks is that we should all be responsible for ourselves. Yet they oppose the Individual Mandate which requires exactly that. Without it, the responsibility for the medical care of the uninsured and their children lies with the tax money provided by the rest of us. Unless, of course, the position is that the uninsured should receive no medical care.


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  1. maybe no one really wants the responsibility and keeps tossing it in others laps/ i could be way off base. i read and hear the news and it seems a big mess, so these are just thoughts

  2. Wow, Terry. You are right there with your reactions. What a pleasure.

  3. Dear Mona, This is the Tea Party replying to your post. You obviously don’t get it. We don’t care. We just want to be left alone. We will take care of our own. You take care of your own. And if your people don’t take care of you, that’s not our problem. The mandate is communist. With a names like Gustafson and Affinito, it’s clear to us that your either a Swede (i.e., socialist) or Italian (mafia). In either case, you’re not one of us. You’ll never be able to know what we know. Sincerely but disturbingly yours, Rep. Michele Bachman

  4. Dear Ms. Gustafson Affinito, Please excuse the spelling and grammatical errors in Ms. Bachman’s earlier reply. We try to catch her mistakes before she posts them, but this one got my us. Please know that Ms. Bachman has the best interest of the country at heart. We hope you’ll agree with her latest alerts regarding Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison’s associations with the Muslim Brotherhood and the infiltration of the federal government with Muslims. Thank you for your thoughtful support in this important matter. Sincerely, Roy Cohn, Legislative Assistant.

  5. What stands out is that Ms. Bachman has confirmed the final conclusion of my post. It’s OK with the tea party, or at least as represented by Ms. Bachman, that those who have no insurance be left without care, i.e., be left to illness or death. Thanks for clarifying your position.

    Yes, my heritage is Swedish — no proof that it’s socialist since my dad left Sweden to become an enthusiastic American in 1919. Check the history. I confess, however, that words like socialist or communist don’t frighten me. Yes, my former husband’s heritage was Italian but, in spite of Ms. Bachman’s generalization, not Mafia, but rather a very caring, community.

    I lived through the McCarthy era, a very destructive time. What I’ve learned is that we do, in the end, survive the crises.

  6. OK. It sounded so plausible, but I acknowledge I fell for a tongue-in-cheek response. A very effective one, I might add. Roy Cohn, huh? Hmmm.

  7. Apparently all of the people who remain unemployed, lose their homes, fail to be independent after surviving the expensive and nearly mandated medical care that their insurance uses itself up for, fall victim to devastating chronic illnesses, are born with disabilities that will at some time in their lives lead them to services now provided by Medicaid will simply cease to exist.This would not be considered “rationing” care but rather the “luck of the draw”. And don’t dare bring up the idea that it is really okay to stop treatment for some people even if that means they are going to die. Further, don’t think for one minute that hospitals would be allowed to refuse to treat critically ill people without insurance because there is a magical and not yet discussed miracle correction for the burgeoning costs of health care in our litigious society. “Not Me” will take care of it all, just like he took the blame for conflict in the nursery. Or are we still not far from there. It all sounds like toddlers fighting in the sandbox to me.

  8. And you ought to know, Nancy, after all your years of providing professional and loving care to those who need you.

  9. Yup!!!! on many fronts. Thanks!

  10. Good grief, Mona, I thought Gordon C really was that pathetic excuse for a Minnesota congresswoman’s rep until I saw that even HE couldn’t spell her name correctly. As for the content of your post, AMEN. It’s so nonsensical it’s stupefying.

  11. Thanks, Pam. How great to know we are always on the same page. Smiles!

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