I’m thinking of reviving this topic which at one point was a hit in Connecticut — bumper stickers, T-shirts, and all.

Now I’m looking for reactions. I’m going to leave this post up for a while, hoping lots of you will respond telling me what it means to you. That will help me know whether I should revive it, and if so what can I expect it will mean to you.

In other words, I’m looking for advice.


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  1. That somebody is called crazy has absolutely nothing to do with that somebody – but withe the filter/perception she is seen with

  2. Thanks, Leelah. I like it! One way of seeing the meaning of those words. I hope you’ve started a flood of responses. That would make me very happy.

  3. What it means to me is this: women who are healthy (i.e., self-respectful, appropriately proud, neither condescending nor compliant with the opposite sex, making decisions about their bodies, their politics, their religion, their work, etc.) are “crazy” in the eyes of patriarchal society (patriarchal men and unhealthy women).

    The topic is non-partisan. If the shoe fits, wear it. But in the current mileiu…. It can’t hurt. I say “Go for it!” but that’s just one guy’s opinion. I look forward to seeing how the women “advise” you..

  4. Hi, Mona, I wrote a response earlier (even before Leelah!) but the site kicked me out. Not sure why. The original was lost, but here’s 1) the essence of my understanding of its meaning, and 2) my reply to your request for “advice” as to whether to resurrect it..

    1) A “healthy woman” (self-affirming, claiming her own power and making her own decisions about life at home, at work, in politics, religion, etc,, and insisting on equal pay for equal work and decision-making power over her own body and medical decisions) is “crazy woman” in the eyes of patriarchal society (men [and women] who continue to believe in male superiority and female subservience). Something like that?

    2) The question of patriarchy is deeper than politics,though it will clearly be perceived as motivated by partisanship. That’s the risk you take. I say who cares? You have to speak your heart and mind, and you’ve given your life to this calling. “Go for it!”

  5. Love this!

  6. healthy in being able to stand on our own two feet, make decisions, work and make good money, raise kids alone if need be, we are called crazy because in earlier times, women were to be barefoot and pregnant, stay at home, make no contributions to society, and feel useless. that was a crazy person, now we are the normal ones, and the others who mock us are crazy!!!

  7. Funny how things change, isn’t it? Thanks, Terry.

  8. Hi Mona. I interviewed you years back when I was the director of special programming and public affairs at WOMN-AM in Hamden. The six-part public affairs feature that resulted from that interview remains one of my all time favorites from the programming life of that experimental broadcasting initiative. I’ve been reviewing the full complement of features recently, and it strikes me how, while we’ve made so many strides in some areas (and without context, some younger people may take them for granted), we have a way to go in so many others. My take is: we can all benefit from hearing your voice on this — and perhaps other subjects — once again. Leslie

    • What a delight to hear from you. How did you happen on this old blog entry? Anyway, thanks for your kind comments. I do think of sharing some of what happened over those years. I don’t know the research in the detail I was connected to then, but I do have lots of observations of how things have changed, and how they have not. I get really frustrated sometimes when I see the same old research presented in the press as if it were new. I guess the issues will be ongoing for a very long time. But we have come a long way, and I’d like for young women to understand that. Maybe I’ll pick up on this theme in a new blog.

      Stay in touch?

      • Hi again, Mona. I found you while googling something else last year … just as I did, funnily enough, today, a bit over one year later! Suffice it to say, my late response has nothing to do with intention but everything to do with my limited understanding of how these forms function! I’d love to stay in touch. My website, lesliesaffer.com needs an update with the recent change in my e-mail address (same except now with Charter instead of Verizon). Hope to hear from you. Leslie

      • I’d love to know more about your current reaction to “A Healthy Woman is a Crazy Person.”

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