Four weeks in Europe   4 comments

I’ve just returned from four weeks in Europe: Portugal, Austria, France, and Bulgaria. I’ll be sharing stories and photos beginning in a few days. Right now I’m busy getting my photos labeled and organized while finding time to continue the editing of Mrs. Job — whoever she is to become.

Just one initial comment for my fellow inhabitants of Minnesota. All four of those countries impressed me with their roads — black, smooth, clear white lines. Not a single pot hole.

On the other hand, no place had the competence and clarity of signage that we enjoy here. Not even in their native languages.

I’ve met some wonderful people, enjoyed some amazing adventures, sights, and stirring emotions. And I’m anxious to share all that with you.

I’ll be back.

4 responses to “Four weeks in Europe

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  1. love to hear! and what is signage,please?

    • Ah signage. Street signs (or others). Here in Minnesota, at least in the Minneapolis area, there are large signs several yards before arriving at the street or road, usually indicating a right or left turn, as well as the name of the street.

  2. Wow you certainly are seeing the world. How wonderful. Marion

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