Two nights ago I rejoiced that I had finished my part in copyediting half of “Mrs Job” in preparation for her reappearance under a new name and with a new cover. Now, I thought, I can get back to the photos from my recent four weeks in Europe until I get the second half from the editor and, after I finish it quickly, Mrs. Job will be on the way to her attractive new identity.

You would have been seeing a blog entry today with photos and travel descriptions.

But then the publisher e-mailed the sad news to me. They had run into a financial problem that made it impossible to go on, so Mrs. Job would not be published by them after all. My initial reaction was – rather healthily, I think – to feel sad for me. Then I thought about what it meant for them and e-mailed a sympathy note recognizing how devastating it must be to lose their dream.

So I gave myself the evening to mope, and scheduled today to think about Mrs. Job’s future now that she has basically been evicted from two homes. Well, not quite evicted. In January, 2012, I terminated her agreement with iUniverse to sign the contract with TM Publishing. The process has been slow, but their intention to follow through was genuine. And I can’t say she’s been evicted. More accurately, she never did get to close on her new home.

At any rate, I’m now starting the search anew. Any help you can offer with names of potential agents or publishers, or even just plain good ideas, will be gratefully considered.

In the meantime, while I was enjoying my mope last evening, I remembered Saturday’s rally for immigration reform at the Guardian Angels Church. Over 300 people were there, singing, listening, hoping, and being moved to tears by the stories of people who had suffered under our current system. Especially hard to see were the young people whose parents had been torn away from them.

So, no, Mona! You are so lucky to have the problems you have. Get off the stick and open yourself to creative thinking!

And open to the possibility that someone reading this might have help to offer.




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  1. Hi Mona,
    I will ask around about good publishers. I have one off the top of my head, Beaver Pond Press. Mrs. Job deserves the best of the best! I will keep looking for you.

    • I wrote a response, Sue, but I was told it couldn’t be posted. I’ll try again. What I said was thanks for caring and responding. And I had thought of Beaver Press, but I would love to find a publisher that would handle the whole thing as TMPublications was planning to do . (i.e., the old fashioned way.)

  2. You know – I loved her just as she was. Am I right it is not manuscript that needs improving, but assistance in promoting? and i think I have seen on google some publisher-helper who offer packages which includes promoting –
    this artist here loved both the book and its cover. It just needs flying-assistance in my humble opinion

    • Thanks so much for replying, Leelah. Actually, there is no book now to promote. I removed it from iUniverse over a year ago, January 2012, when TM Publishing planned to spend the month of February working on it. But there have been delays for over a year now, during which Mrs. Job actually had no home — i.e., no publisher.

      No, I don’t want any manuscript change. And I don’t think you would object at all to the minor additions (action/description) that were made. As for the cover, I love that you like it, but so many have said it has no attraction appeal. Truly it is a cover used by others – available for the price at iUniverse. And leaving the Ph.D. after my name mislead people as to its content. No, it isn’t a book to help a married woman get a job. No, it isn’t a heavy psychological or theological tome. But people avoided it thinking one of those things was true.

      What I do want is a publisher so there will once again actually be a Mrs. Job with a title change and brighter cover. So yes, any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.

      You are such a good friend to notice and respond.

  3. I am sorry that this has happened. I have had my book edited and ready to publish for almost a year, and I don’t know how to get it published. Maybe someone will tell you and you can tell me. hugs

  4. Mrs. Job was published once with iUniverse. I ended that contract on the advice of TMPublishing when they chose to publish it under a new title and cover. (I’ve learned both those things are very important.) Now that TMPublishing has to go out of business, I’m on the search for another. I’ll keep you posted via my blog. I wish us both well.

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