Water and Stones. I could watch this all day – thanks to Leelah for this beautiful gift.  

And when you finish refreshing your self at this fountain of beauty, refresh yourself further with a look at my review of her lovely book, When Fear Comes Home to Love  (The second one down)

(To get to either of these links, just click on the title.)


6 responses to “WATER AND STONES, AND LOVE

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  1. oh! thank you,generous sweet friend
    The moving water is refreshing and calming me too. How lucky I am to live so close to the wood

  2. You’re welcome. As the saying goes, “I calls ’em as I sees ’em.”

  3. Hi Mona, I clicked on Water and Stones as you requested and didn’t get anything. Dar

  4. I love the sound of running water. As I type this, I am sitting beside my open window with a water feature not two feet away from me. I love it. However, the link to the book doesn’t work. I’ve gone to Amazon to find it so I can still read the reviews. Thankyou 🙂

    • Thanks for responding. I did correct the link problem within a short time after posting it. I guess you must have been Johnny-on-the-spot and caught it immediately before I had a chance to fix it. If you do see this, I hope you’ll try again for the stones and water.

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