Push the Forgiving One Page at a Time button/photo to the left of this post and you’ll find the option to buy a signed copy of a modified version of When to Forgive.

Including less detail, and fewer case stories, it provides a way for you to work very directly with your own forgiveness issues. advertises an e-book version which has one review – mine, which tells you not to buy the e-book. Why? Because it defeats the purpose, and the publisher did it in spite of my objection.

That’s because the book is designed to be your own workbook/journal. After a general introduction, it includes written material on the left hand page, and guides on the right hand page for you to enter your own reactions/situation.

Like When to Forgive it’s purpose is to help you make your own decisions about whether to forgive and how. Like the larger book, it helps you take into account the reaction you can expect as a result of what you decide and do.

If you’d like to see reviews of this book, go to

If it’s all the same to you, however, I’d appreciate your buying directly from me.

I’m including a photo below of the comments on the back cover.

One person called me with a report but refrained from posting it on amazon. What he said pleased me, though. He said he and his wife had an argument just before she left for a meeting. Restlessly angry, he picked up a copy of forgiving One Page at a Time which was lying on the table. “I went through most of it,” he said, “and then called her to apologize.”

One never knows what reactions will result when someone explores his or her own distress over a perceived injustice.

Back Cover One Page ...






I believe clicking on this image will enlarge it. (I hope so, anyway.)n


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  1. Your previous post led me to buy When to Forgive. The book is a wonderful guidebook, and provides a very well-organized thoughtful process for working through hurt and pain. It’s setting on my end table. Each time I sit down, I pick it up and read a little more. I gain new insights as I turn each page.

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