Follow-up on yesterday. “Sorry”   13 comments

I guess I have to postpone the cover of “Figs & Pomegranates & Special Cheeses” for another day, and even the photos of Alaska, because this is just too important a follow-up on yesterday’s blog.

The early training reported in yesterday’s blog tends to encourage the inappropriate use of “sorry.” I remember noticing at SCSU how often women said “I’m sorry” when walking through an entrance door while someone was using the exit door. Or there’s the research of women saying “I’m sorry” when someone bumps into them with the grocery carriage. I’ll bet you have some of your own stories of saying “I’m sorry.” Probably a good thing to make note of in our own behavior.


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13 responses to “Follow-up on yesterday. “Sorry”

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  1. I am so guilty of saying I am sorry, when I should be saying what you said hurts me, or I am not going to be trampled on any longer, but instead to keep peace I constantly say I am sorry

  2. That is a good intention, though 🙂 and I do that automatically most of the time too. And I notice other do the same when I bump i to them – before I manage to do it myself…and often we just grin at each other, both aware of the sillyness of it
    I mean, it’s not like we really mean it, is it

  3. with mutual grins I mean that there is a moment where we recognize we still have fallen into this silly automatic thing where we apologize for being bumped into. And I love those moments – there are absolutely no sense of “my fault or your fault – just stuff happening

  4. Yes, I get it, and smile in agreement.

  5. I used to get into trouble from one of my coworkers because I was always apologising for doing things. She said to me one day “Stop saying sorry. You have no reason to be”. My reply was that I would hate to offend or upset another person so I apologised. She still told me to quit saying it. lol

  6. Hmmm  Interesting.  I’ll be more aware.
  7. Sometimes it’s good to say one’s sorry to clear the air. That said, I struggle with gender differences in people’s propensity to say they are sorry.

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