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Just in case the title is misleading, “Figs & Pomegranates & Special Cheeses” is not a cookbook, just as “Mrs. Job” was not a self-help book showing married women how to get paid employment.

Here’s the source of the title, – a quote from page 50 when Dara’s mom is talking to Dara about her upcoming marriage to Job.

“Oh Dara, I did feel that way about your father when we first married,

but love changes over time. I guess you could say at first it is like

feasting on figs and pomegranates and special cheeses,

and later it is like enjoying the evening potage. The thrill may not be

so great later on, but each day it fills the empty hole that would be hunger

if you did not have each other.”

7 responses to “IT IS NOT A COOKBOOK

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  1. Love it!
    • Thanks,Sally. You’re always right there. Now the project is to find people willing to review on I’m willing to send free copies of “Mrs. Job,” (while I still have some) basically the same as “Figs … ” for people to read and review within a few weeks as “Figs … ” on amazon. If you know of takers, I’m available at forgiveness It would be really neat if each person knew someone else who’d be willing to borrow the copy and review also.

  2. thanx for mentioning it! 🙂

  3. From my sister.

    Hi, Mona,
    The book is very pretty, with all the things you were concerned about
    Congratulations and good luck, as you send it out into the world.

  4. The quote is lovely, and the few sentences provide a lot of insight into Dara’s mother’s relationship with her spouse and how it evolved across the years. .

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