Every day I plan to share a bit of an update, and every day gets away from me. I try to get in a lot of sleeping, but sleep is a scarce commodity in rehab. As fast as I doze off, someone else is here to collect me for occupational or physical therapy. I do enjoy the working out, though, and I can see improvement every day. If only it weren’t for this brace that must be worn whenever I’m in an upright position. Actually, It’s not bad while I’m up. It’s the helplessness of lying on my back in bed at night, unable to get up should nature call.

But I wanted to tell you of the nice things that happen. First there are the wonderful folks who go shopping in my closet for things to wear, picking up my mail on the way, and watering my plants. Oh, really, there’s no way to list all the lovely things people have done and the kind torrent of well wishers.

My daughter surprised me by being here from Colorado on Mother’s Day, and I had a great outing with her and my son — brunch at Baccio followed by the matinee at the Guthrie – a super production of “The Crucible.” Tired when I got back to rehab, but well worth it.

If I’d been better about keeping up this report there would be more tales of kindness. Take, for example, my friend who has decided to send me some published jokes every day. Just too many thoughtful gifts to list them all

But one thing I want to be sure to report is the kindness of the fireman who supported my neck and kept me occupied while they worked on getting me out of the car. He actually spent time on saving my earrings. I have an inexpensive pair of little diamond earrings – tiny, not easy for big fireman’s hands. “Do I just pull it out?” he asked. “No, you need to pull out the piece in the back too.” He did, and put them into his plastic glove. Then he went to work on the very slim chain I chose to wear that day – one from my high school days with one pearl drop. In those days the clasps were very, very tiny, but he worked and worked and managed to open and remove it. I am so happy to have that chain, and so grateful to him for saving it. I wish I knew his name so I could thank him for that loving touch, so meaningful at that time.

I feel that I’m just loaded with stories of the beautiful things people have done for me. I hope to share more as time goes on.

But now I’m ready for a nap.

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  1. Dear Mona, It has been a special delight to receive your blog and to hear your updates. You are so amazing! And all the wonderful people around you helping and caring for you. I am so looking forward to seeing you next month. Take good care of yourself. Love, Dottie

    Dottie johnson
  2. Good to hear of your improvement, Mona! I just watched a Rick Steves episode about travel in Israel. It reminded me so much of our adventure there. Good memories. xx. Mary

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  3. Oh Mona, that fireman almost broke my heart – I am in the process of practicing receiving myself, and it is so meaningful for me to read that story of yours right now. And i am grateful that you took time to blog – sending healing and love your way!!

    and xxx and ooo 🙂

  4. Hi Mona,

    Pam and I think of you often and wish that there was something we could do to make your life easier. You have described the brace situation very well. Maybe your surgeon will be able to work some magic when you see hi.m on the 20th. You might ask him what he would do if this was his problem. For what it might be worth you might also check ” http://www.copperfitback,com ” Once you go to bed and shed the brace the copper back brace might be just the support you need to report for middle of the night”pee duty”

    Mona, we do enjoy your messages and wish you a fast recovery. Love, Pam & Jack.

    • Thanks so much. As compared to what you two endure, this is as nothing, which makes me even more appreciative of your caring message. And thanks for the suggestion and the link. Always wishing the best for you.

  5. Thank you for your precious update. You have received so much kindness, I can only imagine the kindness you have given out paying it forward. Best greetings and thinking of you.

  6. Oh Mona, I am so far behind on reading and blogging that I missed this. I do hope you are well now and healing fast. I’m so sorry that you have been in pain. Such wonderful kindness from the firefighter. I’m sure you can track him down one day to thank him. ❤

  7. Hope you got in that well deserved nap.
    • I do manage to get some naps, but I’d to get a lot more — combination of the meds and the body’s desire for a chance to mend. So far so good on both fronts, though. Thanks for your loving attention.

  8. M, I am so sorry for what you’ve gone through. And yes, the terror of helplessness. The man was so sweet to be so careful about your earrings. How touching. Get stronger everyday, ok? And listen to your body when it asks to nap.


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