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Every day I plan to share a bit of an update, and every day gets away from me. I try to get in a lot of sleeping, but sleep is a scarce commodity in rehab. As fast as I doze off, someone else is here to collect me for occupational or physical therapy. I do enjoy the working out, though, and I can see improvement every day. If only it weren’t for this brace that must be worn whenever I’m in an upright position. Actually, It’s not bad while I’m up. It’s the helplessness of lying on my back in bed at night, unable to get up should nature call.

But I wanted to tell you of the nice things that happen. First there are the wonderful folks who go shopping in my closet for things to wear, picking up my mail on the way, and watering my plants. Oh, really, there’s no way to list all the lovely things people have done and the kind torrent of well wishers.

My daughter surprised me by being here from Colorado on Mother’s Day, and I had a great outing with her and my son — brunch at Baccio followed by the matinee at the Guthrie – a super production of “The Crucible.” Tired when I got back to rehab, but well worth it.

If I’d been better about keeping up this report there would be more tales of kindness. Take, for example, my friend who has decided to send me some published jokes every day. Just too many thoughtful gifts to list them all

But one thing I want to be sure to report is the kindness of the fireman who supported my neck and kept me occupied while they worked on getting me out of the car. He actually spent time on saving my earrings. I have an inexpensive pair of little diamond earrings – tiny, not easy for big fireman’s hands. “Do I just pull it out?” he asked. “No, you need to pull out the piece in the back too.” He did, and put them into his plastic glove. Then he went to work on the very slim chain I chose to wear that day – one from my high school days with one pearl drop. In those days the clasps were very, very tiny, but he worked and worked and managed to open and remove it. I am so happy to have that chain, and so grateful to him for saving it. I wish I knew his name so I could thank him for that loving touch, so meaningful at that time.

I feel that I’m just loaded with stories of the beautiful things people have done for me. I hope to share more as time goes on.

But now I’m ready for a nap.

Thanks to Australian Friends   4 comments

Where does time go? It was Sunday, June 1, 2014 that we saw “Our Country’s Good” at the Guthrie. My understanding of it was greatly enhanced by what I had learned from the Australian bloggers I follow. My intention at the time was to thank you who contributed to my appreciation. Sorry I’ve been delayed by so many other things that needed doing.

I had visited Port Arthur, where one guide told us about the wonderful things that were done to integrate prisoners into normal life. Another guide told us the treatment of prisoners was cruel. Of course, one assumes the truth lies somewhere in between.

At any rate, mixing that experience with what I’ve learned here, I had a much richer understanding of the theme. On the surface it was the story of how producing and acting in a play humanized the prisoners. Behind it was the story of man’s inhumanity to man, the dehumanizing and brutalizing of criminals thought to be genetically evil, the belief in the natural superiority and authority of the keepers of the prisoners colored by the reality that they too were essentially imprisoned by their roles, and the basic fact that providing people with the opportunity to employ and be respected for their abilities arouses the humanity in all.

Sorry. That’s a run on sentence which, however, conveys the entangled richness of the play. Besides helping to understand the politics of the play, knowledge of the “weirdness” of nature in that place helped to enhance the picture.

All in all, this is an expression of gratitude to you Australians who know who you are. Obviously your efforts are not in vain.

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