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I know my situation is as nothing compared to the tragedies all around me. Still, I wanted to share the latest in the recovery after my crash.

I’ve missed some important things from Facebook in these last few days, like Sally Smith’s birthday, and Chris Anderson’s freedom from his cast. Wow, Chris, you’ve been through a lot, with such grace.

Anyway, the good/bad news is that I’ve been really sick beginning this past Monday. I mean, flu-like symptoms to the third power. Misery.

But I’ve been happy about it, because it’s withdrawal from the morphine I’ve been taking for pain since sometime in May. (Before that I was prescribed Oxycodone).

The really happy part is I stopped taking the morphine because the pain stopped calling for it. Besides, I’m on the tail end now, so this latest phase of recovery is almost over. It seems like Ibuprofen may be my friend for a while, though, and maybe Tylenol PM to help catch up on the sleepless days and nights.

A dear friend discovered the BRAT diet that helps with part of the problem. It stands for something like: Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. Now, when it came to eating, I felt like a dog with rabies, totally hydrophobic, but she provided and I did what I was told. Today the food tastes good. Progress.

Now maybe I can get back to the project begun before my April 15th event – writing discussion questions to accompany “Figs & Pomegranates & Special Cheeses” for book groups that might like to adopt it.

And, of course, “My Father’s House.”

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13 responses to “SICK AS A DOG – GOOD

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  1. Mona, so glad you are doing better. You are on my mind so often. Love, Dottie

    dottie johnons
    • Dear Dottie. You are so on top of things, I sometimes think you must have a bell in your pocket that goes off every time you get an e-mail. It’s been a while since I’ve heard how you folks are doing, but I hope it’s all improving.

  2. I have heard about other people’s experience with coming off morphine. I salute you. May you be painfree and happy and peaceful and have much joy in your writing
    big hug

  3. Feel better my friend. Hugs and prayers. 🙂

  4. Sick as a dog–good is an important document in explanations. Thank you for sharing your documentary. 💝

  5. So glad your on the mend.

  6. Was so glad to hear you were off the major main meds. And have come so far…… Good to see you last Sunday!

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