Man of La Mancha at theater 301   12 comments

This will be an amazing production of MAN OF LA MANCHA. If you live nearby, plan to be there for one of the four presentations — if you can get a ticket. Last year some of the performances sold out.

I am only a little biased, since my son Doug designed and built (with lots of help) the set, and is directing along with Joan Olson, assistant director.

See the link below for more interesting details. (and click on the photo to enlarge it)

molm dates


molm tickets








12 responses to “Man of La Mancha at theater 301

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  1. Good to see you and Doug Saturday at the Sower Gallery event. I’ll check out the show! Thanks for the information.

  2. Yet another ambitious undertaking with the projection of the usual success. Sorry I am not closer.

    • Oh that would be so special! It will be good when it’s accomplished, though. As you can imagine, there have been months of intense involvement on Doug’s part, and three weeks here in Minnesota on Lisa’s part. I think they will both be more relaxed on Thursday, even though it’s opening night, because they will know they are ready.

      If I can accomplish it, I’ll post a photo of the awesome set.

  3. Have a great time!

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