CORRECTION TO “MY CRASH.”   2 comments

I goofed the first time around. If you click on my recent entry now it will take you to the right place.

Posted March 24, 2016 by Mona Gustafson Affinito in Uncategorized

2 responses to “CORRECTION TO “MY CRASH.”

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  1. ‘Been following your life altering events these past months. Sorry, sorry, sorry that you’ve had to go through such an experience; but you are so descriptive. so perceptive about it all! – Lots of changes in my life. at this time – I’ll soon be living closer to my friend, Mona! (‘Can’t seem to get the full description of the crash on your “web” site. Help!)

    • Wow! Major things are obviously happening in your life. We need to talk. In the meantime, go to forgiveness and click on the tab that says “Crash.” Sorry I made such a mess of presenting it. I was overconfident and clicked “publish” when I should have been more cautious and previewed it first.

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