I’ve been working on her, and finally convinced my favorite editor to offer her services to others.

She pays careful attention to grammatical and spelling detail, but more than that she grasps immediately where your writing is going. Sometimes she sees more clearly than I do what my intention is. Furthermore, she keeps at me until I’ve approached perfection.

Majoring in History, she was recruited into the English department at Saint Olaf, graduating cum laude with a double major in 2009. Since then she’s developed experience in a number of venues, currently as an Interpreter at Colonial Williamsburg. She’s now prepared to move on in September to a Master’s program in Public History at the University of York in York, England.

Full Disclosure: I’m talking about my granddaughter. From the time she could hold a book, or even listen to one, she has been an avid reader. From the time she could hold pencil to paper she has been an absorbed writer. In fact, true confession, she rarely set her notebook down, even when holding it was impolite at the dinner table – and we let her get away with it.

If you are self-publishing – or hoping to enlist a traditional publisher – this is a good opportunity to get some professional help at newcomer prices. Right now KJ is offering to work on a sample of your first 1,000 words free of charge. You’ll receive an initial evaluation with the price to be charged if you and she are a good fit.

And, maybe just as important, she’s looking for help in getting started, so working together you could help each other, maybe even for a more special price.

If you would like to work with KJ, send an email to me at figs@forgivenessoptions.com and I’ll connect you.

She is developing a web site even as we speak. I’ll supply the link here on my blog once it’s up.

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  1. You must be very proud of your granddaughter and what fun to be working with her. Her skills must run in the family. I wish her well with her future plans.

    • I am indeed proud of her. Now I’d like to see her editing business take off. p.s., I’ve got to find a way for us to get together with Doug’s photos. He’s working on a web site. I’ll share it with you when the time is ripe.

  2. It sounds like so much fun to work with your granddaughter on writing projects. You are so fortunate to have such a skilled granddaughter. .

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