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Recently I mentioned the fact of ICE separating children from their parents at the border, and even in some inner cities. The person responded saying, “I don’t talk politics.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about that. Because I see clients whose politics may be different from mine, I refrain from making my political preferences public. But when does an issue become more moral than political? For me the answer lies in insomnia. Politics is interesting, and sometimes disturbing during the day. But I know it’s a strictly moral issue when it wakes me at night.

So, I’m going public with my assessment that removing children from their parents, or removing parents from their children, is not only immoral but impractical. It’s as if there is a deliberate decision not only to create misery, but also to create diagnosable mental illness in the future. Particularly frightening is the effect of attachment disorder, an almost guaranteed result of the separation practice. Try this link to get a sense of the complexity. And please, decide that this is a moral issue.


And one more very important thing. If it hasn’t been clear in the link I’ve sent you, be aware that conscience depends on healthy attachment. Think about the future generation you want to live with.

6 responses to “POLITICAL VS. MORAL

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  1. I agree with you 110%…this is no longer ‘Politics”..this has morphed into someting quite serious and terrifying. Our entire state of “politics” has for that matter.

  2. Having been involved in the raising of two children meeting the set criteria I can only say that the associated pain and suffering for all involved is simply beyond comprehension. By definition it is nearly impossible to treat people who cannot trust, are explosively angry at any effort to touch the core of their issues and who persist in believing that the only way to find inner calm is to run away, literally and metaphorically. It takes forever, if it can happen at all, for them to realize that they are simply taking themselves with them and the key to feeling better lies with taking risks so potentially terrifying that they can spend a lifetime avoiding and suffering. To prompt any of this in the face of public policy is cruel, inhumane and totally without defense.

    Nancy J Gustafson

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