DID I STAY AWAY TOO LONG?   5 comments

I’m pretty sure I did; I couldn’t even remember my password.

And I won’t stay long this time either. For starters, I’m loving my new home at 723 Water Street, 1001, in Excelsior, MN 55331. I’m also loving my travels, and my plans for travels. I told my financial planner (who accepted me when he was first starting and wasn’t too fussy about how much money I had) that I wanted to die broke, and I’m working at it — not the dying part, just the broke thing. Most of it goes to plans for travel, the last big one having been the cruise around Japan in April. I know, I promised photos, and I haven’t posted them. Why?

“Cause I am working every spare moment on “My Father’s House.” Oh, it was finished months ago, but it was 800 pages, and who wants to read 800 pages? I finally decided to break it into two parts, ending when my parents sell the house, and before all kinds of other things happen to the family. But that first book still was 500 pages. I’ve been working and working at cutting and cutting, without much success.

SO. WHAT I NEED NOW IS HELP!  Is anyone out there willing to read it and let me know where I should cut — or if … ? I’ve been too close to it too long. It would be great to have someone read it who doesn’t know me, so he or she would be comfortable being honest without worrying about hurting my feelings. Know anybody?

Any takers could let me know by commenting here. Or, if that’s too public, by sending an e-mail message to forgivenessoptions@earthlink.net. To help me recognize it when it gets caught up in my spam box, use “I’ll read it” as the subject matter.

Thanks for even reading this, and my apologies for being so neglectful of everything.

Of course, if you happen to know an agent, it wouldn’t hurt to clue me in on that too.

Posted July 9, 2019 by Mona Gustafson Affinito in Uncategorized

5 responses to “DID I STAY AWAY TOO LONG?

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  1. I know I am not unbiased, Mona, but I would be more than happy – truly – to edit your book. If you would be o.k. with it, I certainly would. It would be an honor.


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