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I’m back

Have I been away too long? Have I been away too Long? I hope the tune came up for you so you’re singing the words with me.

At any rate, I’m dealing with a new (to me) method here. It’s supposed to be easier, but it’ll take some convincing .

The news, though, is that I’m finished with the recent phase of “My Father’s House.” (I’ve been working on it since 2003). It’s less that 500 pages which is what I’m aiming for. Now I’m looking for people who’d be willing to read it and let me know if it’s interesting to “real people?” I had an agreement with Booktasters, but somehow I’ve lost that correspondence so I’m trying to get back in touch with them.

Here’s my plan. I removed some pretty good content — I think — and plopped it into an “outtakes” folder. It’s kind of hard to part with my babies, so I thought I’d get back into the blogging swing by including some of them here, starting with a relative short one. In the following outtake, Mona has a summer job with the Bristol Brass Company where her father is Treasurer. Mr. Wilson is now the Chairman of the Board — a pretty important position.

With that background, here it is.

Then there was the day she feared she’d been so bold she would lose her job. Mr. Wilson had given her and the other girl the job of verifying his numbers. Three times they entered his numbers into the adding machine, taking turns on who read the numbers and who entered and cranked them. Two times they came up with the same total, but different from Mr. Wilson’s, so Mona reported the difference to him. “Just do it again,” he said.

By the third time they got the same result, Mona was more annoyed than cautious. When Mr. Wilson came out of his office to check on them, she couldn’t restrain herself from saying, “But Mr. Wilson, you must have made a mistake.” She was only half aware of the men standing in their office doorways, as if expecting something to happen. But she was aware of fearing she would disappoint her father.  Mr..Wilson returned to his office, coming out later to acknowledge he’d arrived at the same numbers as the girls.

 “Sometimes, you just have to do the brave thing,” Carl said on the way home.

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4 responses to “I’M BACK

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  1. Oh- I like that. I felt that. Oh those babies are so often so cute. Endearing is better

  2. Hi Mona, I am just back too, from Jackson Hole, where we were skiing with Maggie and Paul, Peter too, because Tad surprised me by flying him out to Jackson at the last minute. Since he lives in Denver now, all of a sudden, there Peter was at the gate with us in Denver! I was very surprised! Pleasantly so!

    I wanted to say I would be happy to read your book, if you are still looking for people to do that, love you! Wendy

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