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I try to be a follower of the teachings of Jesus. And I just don’t get it! How is gathering together in church buildings in ways that potentially endanger the lives of others a genuine act of following Jesus? I’m no bible expert. but it seems to me the only numerical thing he asked that applies here was something about three or more gathering in his name. And didn’t his followers meet in homes?

Where is the love? The compassion? The willingness to sacrifice for love of the other?

I don’t get it.


Posted May 22, 2020 by Mona Gustafson Affinito in Uncategorized

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  1. Well my favorite quote connects to this – “we are the church and we bring our sanctuary with us” 😉

  2. On the other hand … I think there are Christians who feel that suspending corporate worship for the sake of this is just the thin end of the wedge toward suspending corporate worship for something else … and then something else … and then … especially because of the language of “essential” activities that is being used about a lot of things in “these times.” Unfortunately, in my opinion, not that it counts for much. And that going along with it reflects a failure to trust God and God’s providence. Which feels … kind of faithless.

    Our congregation is making the decision not to meet in person for at least another month, considering how presby- all of us are – if all the “high risk” folks stay home, there still won’t be much “corporate” going on in that worship. But I don’t think the folks who are urgently moving ahead are stupid or crazy or unChristian. I think the calculus is difficult, and is taking place in something of an identity threat minefield, and what “the right thing to do” is less obvious than it seems to some of us.

    • I’m so glad you responded and I wish I recognized who you are. I’m struggling to understand much of what you said, though. And yes, it is important to assume that everyone has a good motive for what they are doing. Are we talking conspiracy theory here?

      • Just that, from what I read, some people feel churches need to be sending a message of fearlessness and faith, and that the best way to do this is to meet, rather than not to meet. And yes, it sounds to me like these people feel churches are being targeted specifically – because these are people who that “Christians are under attack by a godless culture” narrative running on a continuous loop in their self-talk. I’m not saying I personally agree with that. But I am saying that many of the people who are pushing for churches to assemble are, it seems to me, trying to be faithful Christians.

      • Thanks for this. A good reminder.

  3. No sense of the common good!!!!!!


    • What a world. And what wonderful things could come of this if we all — or most of us — cared for the common good. Working to reduce homelessness and poverty. Enjoying our currently clearer skies with the goal of reducing the causes of climate change. Assuring that anyone who needs health care can get it without losing home and family — or life. Dare I dream even a little bit?

  4. Me either, I don’t get it. Love and miss you Mona.

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  5. Mona You got that right!!!Dar Chiles

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