There’s nothing so beautiful as a happy, thriving child. And nothing so sad as a child born into poverty, neglect, and even abuse. So why am I pro-choice?

#1. I am not in favor of condemning a child to misery and a tragic adulthood which might well ultimately negatively affect the surrounding society.

#2. The person carrying the embryo/fetus/ultimate child is not an empty box just carrying a load. That person is a host whose body functions change to supply the necessities for the potential life within. Indeed, the life within may cause severe health hazards for the bearer. Consider, for example this observation to be found on p. 43 of the September 2021 issue of the Scientific American.

Autoimmunity may be an unfortunate by-product of the

Complex immune response women need to bear children

And that’s not the only health danger — even to the point of death.

#3. The life of the pregnant one is every bit as important as that of the potential child. In fact, given life circumstances, may be many times more crucial to the goodness of life.

#4. For all these reasons the decision to birth a child is one that belongs to a woman, her doctor, her relationship to others, and her spiritual advisor.


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  1. Old white mens’ need to control and have power over women is a terible reason to not give a woman a woman the right to choice.

  2. In my mind, it is not a discussion of “pro life”. It seems more like discussion of “pro birth”. If those who believe that the government should have such a role in the spiritual life of citizens, I believe there are a number of things to be taken care of first. We must assure that children born into this world will have food, clothing and a place to live. We should be able to promise all of them decent schools and fairly executed and distributed health care. For the occasions where life deals trouble and confusion, there should be available, skilled mental health services. Kids shouldn’t have to line up in emergency room corridors for days before finding a safe bed and skilled staff. Given that both parents (if there are two)need to work to provide for children, there should be affordable day care. Some parents know down deep that, for one reason or another, they do not have the personal resources to be effective parents and they should be able to make choices that are right for them. It is not so simple to suggest that they should “just put their children up for adoption. For many adopted children, no amount of genuine love from an adoptive family can ease theirit doubt and pain over why their “own mother gave them up/didn’t want them”. We must work hard to assure that children will not be murdered at school or on the streets before they reach adulthood. (Quoting someone from earlier today, ” Pro life would be 20 children from Sandy Hook starting high school.”)
    It seems to me that there is a tremendous amount of work we all must do to make it fair to expectant mothers and prospective new people to enter this way of life.
    And it wouldn’t hurt if we could, in some way, acknowledge and hold equally responsible, the men who create these children
    Then it all might be seen as “Pro Life.”

    Nancy J Gustafson

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