Recently I posted the following review on Goodreads and I can’t believe I’ve been so busy that I didn’t post it here until today, but that’s the fact. Among other things I’m working on my next — I hope — book with the working title On My Way Out. (If you’re up to critiquing the first 30 or so pages, you know where to find me.)


I listened to The Spider Network (sort of) when I was recovering from a corneal transplant operation which required me to spend 45 minutes out of every hour lying in my back (to help the donor cornea adhere) for three days. I’m not sure how Enrich’s book even made it to my Kindle collection but it was probably the ideal choice for the situation since I was well primed to nod off.  And nod off I did. Too much detail, I think. (As I said, I was nodding.) I admit I didn’t understand how the whole scheme worked (and didn’t really care) though I did understand how the central figure could have been suckered into the process itself, given his position on the autism spectrum. But what I did get was another revelation of my own naivete. I was horrified and disgusted by the culture of greed that was revealed. Maybe if I live another bunch of years I’ll become more inured to it. I remember when I thought banks made money by supporting industries and other investment activities. I guess I wasn’t really surprised at the end when a whole bunch of the perpetrators managed to sell themselves to the jury as a bunch of nice businessmen taken in by one bad guy and then went off to celebrate in a drunken orgy while the person at the center of it all served a jail sentence and the people who suffered most were his wife and child. And I was pretty much awake and paying attention at that point. It’s not a book I would choose again, nor do I have any friends or acquaintances to whom I’d recommend it. But the contents themselves are impressive in the depth of coverage as is the author. I guess I’m just not well suited to being a bottom feeder.


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