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OK. I know … I meant to write the header that way. It seems, though, that some people who have signed up to follow are not receiving e-mails when I blog. I guess if you feel like letting me know you’ve received the notice it would help, because of course the title of this blog is ridiculous.

Yesterday my Norwegian e-mail friend thanked me for posting the link to her book which is on So today I’m posting it, hoping you will enjoy it. When she told me she was Norwegian, I assumed she lived in Minnesota where a pretty big deal is made about being Norwegian rather than Swedish. I was startled when I learned that she does indeed live in Norway. You wouldn’t know it from her writing.

I’m afraid you’ll have to cut and paste it, because I’m still not very smart. Yesterday I tried to post a link in the context of the text and it took over as the header.

Today I want to share you with my sense of awe about the number of people from several different countries who are writing in English — not their native tongue — so well that you’d never know it’s their second language. And I can only bumble through a few simple phrases in other languages. 

I am regularly impressed by people from other countries being interviewed in English with nothing but a slight accent to give away their non-English-speaking ethnicity. Okay, I’ll leave it up to you to consider whatever thoughts follow.


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