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A day at home. It’s amazing how much has piled up — e-mails, projects, stuff.

I did have one client scheduled to come today, but she postponed because the roads are still so dangerous. Can you imagine? Since last Thursday afternoon. It’s the cold, cold, cold ….. cold. And piled up snow, snow, snow ….  snow, and ice, ice, ice …. ice.

Bur all is warm and cozy at home as the sun shines in bright through the southern windows, warming my house and giving the thermostat a rest.

We’ll be back doing the show on Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday matinee, then strike the set and enjoy the aftermath.

I’d like to show you a photo of the set which Doug designed, but the best I can do for the moment is include a few photos of the model. Photos of the real thing will come later.

photo 3


photo 2


photo 1

My Sister is Safe   3 comments

I called my sister in Louisville. It’s been a terrifying time, but she’s safe. The terrible weather has surrounded her, but her area has been blessed with relative calm. I’m happy for her.

But when will we catch on that weather is more than a comfort footnote at the end of the local news report? People died in this current horror. People die in droughts. People die in floods. People’s homelands disappear. Let’s pay attention.

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