My Sister is Safe   3 comments

I called my sister in Louisville. It’s been a terrifying time, but she’s safe. The terrible weather has surrounded her, but her area has been blessed with relative calm. I’m happy for her.

But when will we catch on that weather is more than a comfort footnote at the end of the local news report? People died in this current horror. People die in droughts. People die in floods. People’s homelands disappear. Let’s pay attention.

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3 responses to “My Sister is Safe

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  1. Weather! The power. The purpose. The force. The enforced humility. The awe. The resignation. This is what ‘rules’ and what tells us over and over of a greater power from our own.
    Grateful for the safety of those we care about. Respectful that there is “something” that governs so many of our preferences and dreams.

  2. Mona – tell me/us what you mean that we should pay attention. I think we all are – but in ways that are not contributing to global changes. I would love to hear your thoughts.

  3. Does this fall in the category of “Don’t get me started!?” yes, it does, but I’ll try to be brief. I cannot for the life of me understand why people want to deny the findings of science – why they’d prefer to rely on their own belief system. Why deny the extremely strong evidence of global weirding? There seems to be confusion between accepting well-documented observations and granting credence to the also well-documented causes. If you’d rather not, for some political reason, believe that human behavior has caused it, then why not pay attention to how human behavior could control it.

    What would help a lot, I think, would be for people to take a historical view. What will our descendents say about our early 21st century actions when they cope with the results one-hundred years from now? Or do people feel like the man I heard several years ago on the radio; “Why should I worry about what happens 100 years from now. I’ll be dead by then.”

    This earth is a wonderful and complex gift we’ve been given. If you are religious, you can say this is a wonderful gift God continues to give us. All the creatures, including us, are amazing gifts. However you think we got all this, there’s no doubt we are mutually dependent on each other. Without a healthy world, we can’t hope for healthy people, and without healthy people there’s not much hope for a healthy world.

    So, let’s pay attention to what the weather can do, not only when it hits home, but also when it destroys other peoples homes and lives. Let’s look at it like a problem to be explored. Are there restorative actions we can take?

    Thanks for asking. That’s what I meant when I urged us to pay attention to the weather.

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