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I have so much I want to say, including the great experience I had on Thursday and Friday at the “Next Level Negotiation Conference,” but I’m under a blizzard of paper work today, and tomorrow I’ve got to get ready for my annual meeting with my accountant. I wanted, however, to share my excitement about the fact that TM Publishing will be publishing Mrs. Job. I’m excited to see what creative ideas they bring to it. As the saying goes, “It’s all good.”



9 responses to “TM Publisher for Mrs. Job

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  1. Awesome! Congratulations – Mrs. Job deserves the widest possible audience so more people can come to love her 🙂

  2. Congratulations Mona. From the first drafts of Mrs.Job, I knew it would be published, and it was and now you are moving up,up, up. I’m happy for you. I also know how hard you have worked and how much you deserve this boost.

  3. You are so wonderful Nancy. What a great encourager. I so appreciate you. Thanks.


  4. Congratulations, Mona. Wonderful news. Good luck with the accountant. I assume it’s tax return time. Ugh.

    • Yup! Tax time it is! A couple of years ago I took to asking for the last possible date before he’d raise his rates. That’s because I went in early and then several places sent amended 1099, each time requiring him to make changes for which, of course, he charged me, ’cause that’s why he’s in business. I hope now I’m past the “amended” possibilities.

  5. I am so happy for the book. At last, Mona!

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