Guess what! I’m spending too much time on the web. Too many interesting bloggers to whom I’m eager to respond. Too many writers groups who grab my interest. Too many basically unsuccessful efforts to make “Mrs. Job” known to folks who might want to buy her once they realize the she is the wife of Job — a love story on many levels, not an instruction manual on how a married woman should make a living. So many blogs and groups that I’m not making time to write.

I’m about to settle in on two groups and painfully give up on the others. I need and want to get busy editing the “Mrs. Job” manuscript for TM Publications. Actually, I’ve begun my last couple of days with editing chapters three and four. I plan to get to chapter five today. Maybe there’s hope.

I know “Mrs. Job” is a pretty good piece of writing. Just a visit to the site on bears witness to that Mrs. Job on amazon.

I know my forgiveness books – a totally different genre – have been helpful to folks. In between I try every once in a while to remind people of their existence. Forgiveness.

So “Book Clinic” count me in, and I’ll be working on deciding on the other. It’s all a little like what I did yesterday in sorting through my clothes to decide what I want to bring to the consignment shop or put out for the garage sale. Each time I think to part with something, I get second thoughts and the likelihood is great that it will go back on the shelf.

Maybe I need help downsizing on the web. Any suggestions?

Things are going well for my family right now. I’m working on developing a new business. It’s time to focus.

Thanks for listening.

9 responses to “IT’S TIME TO GET FOCUSED

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  1. darling Mona, this sounds good:-) You can save time not commenting on my blog, for instance. I love nice comments – of course, we all do – but I’ll love you juts as much if you drop it – if that makes you feel a little freer.
    I just remembered a thing my old Buddhist teacher told me – at least 20 years ago: my book was written – minus 100 edits 🙂 and he looked very focused and told me: “It is already out there.” He meant metaphysically, energetically: the insights were there for folks to pick up on, collectively. Maybe mrs Job is too –
    maybe you could let God do the rest, and give Mona a rest? just a comment of course – I know that when I truly manage to allow God to do the work, everything flows better – which for me means that i follow every hunch i get on how to promote the book, where to publish and so on – and if nothing happens, i (try to:-)) trust that all is OK.

  2. Thanks. Hunches, flow, and faith it is! I guess the latest message is just that — slim down (metaphorically, that is.)

  3. i understand how the blogging can take up much time. you can omit commenting to me if it can help you

  4. Thanks. But following you is delightful. and responding occasionally is something I want to do. So you have probably not heard the last of me.

  5. Hi Mona: The only way I know to tell you on how to stop spending so much time on the Web is to consciously limit it. For instance, if you want to spend two hours a day, decide on if you want to spend them all at one time or in two separate sessions (maybe one in the morning and one in the evening?). Then set your alarm clock. Another thing you can do is go away for a couple of days and go to a place without Wi-Fi. That has helped me in the past. Good luck! Ellie

    • Hi Ellie. I like your style! Thanks. I love the getting away thing. I have some lovely plans to do that, which do in a strange way add a little bit to the need to focus. Lots has to be done before I go. And then there are the emergencies, like the fact that my granddaughter went to the emergency room this morning in pain and I’ve now been told by my daughter that she is in the hospital. I’m trying to find out why and where, ’cause I’m the one nearby.

  6. Hi Mona. Blog Addiction is widespread. So is Surfing Addiction. Most of us need help taking the needle from our arms. But I’m not the one to advise. I like my neeedle. It’s not “mind-numbing” and I’ve never been very good a focusing anyway. Seriously, I share the dilemma. I find Ellie’s comment useful. Setting time limits and disciplining oneself to stay away strikes me as good advice. Maybe you can actually get some real work done on Mrs. Job. That seems to me to be the most IMPORTANT thing right now; the blog plays tricks on us. It’s always URGENT, but that’s altogether different from important. The more time I spend blogging, or thinking I have to put something up on the blog, the less time I spend in undisturbed reflection, which is the creative source of writing itself.
    I’m available for coffee if you like. Peace!

  7. Thanks, Gordon. Yes to coffee. KJ took off early this a.m. for the drive to her new job in Williamsburg, VA. Happy as a clam, and accompanied by her uncle, my son Doug, who is newly retired, also happy as a clam, busy as a hornet. KJ’s company was fun, but now I’m free to get restructured.

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