THE WAGES OF SIN   16 comments

“I’ve had it with this program” I groused to my nutritionist. “I’m sick and tired of the expense, and the restraint. I’ve been meticulous in following the plan, but now I’ve had it. Once I’m free of it, I’m going to eat all the sugar I want.” Calmly he replied, “If you’re willing to pay the price.”

Yesterday was a successful day. Lots accomplished with plenty of energy, in spite of the sky opening up frequently, pouring down buckets on my car and me. But then I did it! Instead of my one small piece of chocolate after dinner, I ate the whole bar. “After all,” I rationalized, “it’s good for me – 85% cocoa.” I even wrote, “Lost control,” in the written record of my meal.

Within minutes came the punishment. Headachy lethargy, inability to concentrate, queasy stomach, staring into space, feeling icky all over. Once in bed, struggling through one crossword puzzle after another, waiting for the regular Charley Horse attacks relieved only by leaping out of bed and walking them off.  Even heard myself moaning. This morning the hangover drains my energy and motivation to shower, dress, and go to church.

A grown up adolescent, unwilling to listen to the advice of those who know better, I had to test it for myself. And I didn’t even know I was testing it – just blew it, that’s all. What a waste. But then again, not such a waste after all, by tomorrow I’ll be feeling better, and now I know the price to which he referred.

 I’m not willing to pay the price again. I’ll be good.

16 responses to “THE WAGES OF SIN

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  1. recipe for yam-yam without sugar – it’s nutritious too:
    grind 4 dl of mixed nuts/seeds and ca 1,5 dl of cocoa. You might mix in dried berries too.Soak 5 dried figs in water for about 20 min, cut them in pieces. Now grind the whole thing together, add a little of the soaking water until a sticky mass. Roll little balls between your hands, put the tray in the freezer and then in a box in the freezer. -Can be eaten directly from the freezer.
    Bon Apetite, sister

    • Leelah, your recipe sounds wonderful. I’ll try it. But first, please tell me, what is a dl?


        30ml = 1 fluid oz
        60ml = 2 fluid oz
        100ml = 3 fluid oz
        125ml = 4 fluid oz
        150ml = 5 fluid oz (¼ pint)
        190ml = 6 fluid oz

        30ml = 1 fluid oz
        60ml = 2 fluid oz
        100ml = 3 fluid oz ( = 1 deciliter)
        250ml = 8 fluid oz
        300ml = 10 fluid oz (½ pint)
        500ml = 16 fluid oz
        600ml = 20 fluid oz (1pint)
        1000ml (1 litre) = 1¾ pints


        30ml = 1 fluid oz
        60ml = 2 fluid oz
        100ml = 3 fluid oz
        125ml = 4 fluid oz
        150ml = 5 fluid oz (¼ pint)
        190ml = 6 fluid oz

  2. we like to be right sometimes…..

  3. Once in a while. And it often takes a painful lesson to get there. …

  4. Thanks, Leelah. I should have looked it up myself. I guess “dl” is a decileter. Wouldn’t we be great working in the kitchen together … ?

  5. I think I need to do the same (not eat sugar). Thanks for a heads up! Ellie

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  7. Do you have a sugar allergy/sensitivity, Mona? Sounds like you paid a huge price for indulging in some chocolate, and the 86% cacao version no less 😦

    • Hi Pam, I could have eaten it with no trouble before I started this program, though I never did eat a lot of sugar. Phil, the nutritionist, has gradually worked me off basically all sugar, including fruits with high sugar content. For example, I used to have a chunk of high-cocoa-content chocolate after lunch and licorice bits after dinner. (and occasionally I splurged with one or the other.) He now has me down to one small piece of chocolate or one licorice bit. (Surprisingly, lately I often forget about both of them.) My morning banana is out. Basically no problem as I discover new non-soy, non wheat, non sugar, high protein foods. All goes well, but I guess my body has become accustomed to not processing so much sugar in a shot. I believe it is all good. I’m also now pretty much free of toxins like mercury. All was done very slowly, because the body becomes accustomed to the usual and too fast a change causes a reaction.

      I trust him that avoiding the sugar is a good thing. And I have gradually lost 10 pounds, though that was not a goal, and as far as my mirror can see, it hasn’t made much change in the appearance of my body. But then, my body hasn’t changed much — except for what gravity has done — over the years.

      So, Pam. Thanks for asking.

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  9. Thanks, Thelma (my big sister’s name, by the way). I’m honored, and I’ll get to it.

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