Let me say up front that my camera went back on me. I took photos before anyone had come on Friday and more at the end of the day on Saturday, intending a before/after comparison. When I downloaded them, all I had was the photo of the last day’s remnants. So, I’m going back on my promise to upload photos. What good is a before/after comparison when there is no before?

I had loads of women’s clothes at $1.00 each. Obviously, the goal wasn’t to make money. I ended up gaining some $72.00. The main goal, however, was achieved. I cleared lots of space in my closets, and I watched lots of interesting people carefully selecting from the rack as if they were at an expensive boutique. One handsome man carefully selected seven items, leaving me with the impression that he had some woman/women clearly in mind. I saw friends encouraging each other to take a $1.00 risk over things they liked. Especially complimentary for me was a friend who drove purposely to my site based on what I’d said in my blog. “I knew they’d be great clothes,” she said, “based on the way you dress.” Maybe that alone made the whole enterprise worthwhile.

On one table I had put out perfectly good items, mostly obsolete (to me) office supplies, with a sign saying, “If anything on this table is of use, please take it and leave me what it’s worth to you.” The funny thing is, people preferred that I give a price, so I collected lots of quarters. One woman was thrilled to find my collection of paper rolls for an old fashioned adding machine, and labels for file folders. Three boxes designed to hold cancelled checks excited another person, a craftsperson. About craftspeople, one man took a handbag ($3.00) planning to remove its bling to use in making jewelry, The handsome man who took the carefully selected seven items was happy with a couple of boxes of new square computer discs.

The whole thing was, indeed, like a suburban recycling enterprise.

I even sold a few of my books. But best of all, I had fun getting to know neighbors I had only said “hi” to in the past. And I got to spend time sitting with a friend who came to help me set up – oh my, was she ever good at it!

But, to get to the point, what did I gain? I thoroughly appreciated my vacation from e-mail and blogging. Sitting alone with a magazine I finally got to read (acquiring a sunburned nose in the process) I realized I’d been pointed in a direction. And this is what affects some of you who’ve been reading my blog. I’ve got to put reading and writing first.

I started my blog with the intention of increasing book sales. Book sales have increased not one bit – I mean, not at all. But I have made many wonderful blogging friends, a community which has taken up my time to the extent that sometimes I don’t get to call old friends back in Connecticut with whom I’d like to stay in contact. I’m at the point where I have to choose. Greatly reduce my time on the web and read and write more, or pursue the fun connections I’ve made. I realize I have to choose the former.

So, with great regret, I’m making it known that I will probably continue to read many of the blogs to which I’ve become connected. Terry, for example, I can’t stop following your saga. But I won’t be responding. That feels a little unfair to me, so I’ll thoroughly understand if people who have been following me should decide to “unfollow.”

I’ll also be ignoring many of the writers and publishers groups which I have joined. Again, they are very interesting, but my original purpose has failed. My books have not sold.

So please, wish me happiness and joy in writing more, and reading. I am so grateful to all who have taken time to care about my blog. I wish all of you happiness and joy in return.

Oh, and you might want to make time for one more visit to me on Mona on amazon.com

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  1. I understand completely. I spent Saturday at writers’ workshop wondering why I’m pushing all this stuff out instead of spending the time I used to spend in the quiet that produces undistrcted reflection. I, too, made a decision to back off. Not sure what that means yet. But for now, I just want you to know i hear you, I get it, and I respect your decision. You can take the $72 to buy a “Writer at Work. Do not disturb!” sign and enjoy knowing that you made some people very happy at the garage sale.

  2. i totally understand Mona. This blog takes up a lot of time. I started blogging to be able to speak to someone who may listen to me. I became more involved as I love to write. I wish so much that I could see my name on a bookshelf, and maybe this will happen some day. Summer weather his here, and there are things that need to be done. My family is here more often now with nicer weather. I find that I am not on here non-stop as I was, but still remain. I will miss you my friend. There is something about you that has always drawn me in. Your intelligence always shines through. You tell me exactly what you think. I always think of you as an aged wine, which is excellent in taste, and color…………You get back to those book sales, young lady!!! Make yourself a bigger success than you already are. No one will do the work for you, so you have to choose what fits for you most perfectly. I will truly miss you. If you stop by my blog, don’t take the time to comment, but maybe click on like, so I know you are still well and safe. You are loved by me.

  3. Thanks, Terry. Your work is a blessing, and I will definitely stop by and “like” if nothing else. Thanks so much for your kind words.

  4. Mona … I wish you all the best – good luck with your writing – I know you will be missed by so many in this world.

  5. Terry, something strange has happened. My response to your link shows up on firefox but not here on Safari, so let me repeat. Thanks for one of the most beautiful tributes I have ever received. I recommend that folks click on your link above to get a picture of the lovely friendship relationships that develop in the blogosphere. And I will be stopping by.

  6. Hello,

    I have nominated you for the “Inspiring Blog Award”


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    1. Thank the nominating person with a link to their blog.
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    Have fun.

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