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Yesterday I was reminded of a song I’ve been singing to myself lately. Here’s the story.

Bristol High School, Bristol, Connecticut, 1946. A brief period of fresh air and hope after the end of the war – WWII,  that is.

Our choir sang “One World.” In fact, I think the Connecticut Joint Chorus sang it.

 One world built on a firm foundation

One world no longer cursed by war

Let no mortal man

 Change the Master’s plan

In a world where war shall cease

One world built on love and peace.

I have wondered what happened to it. Also, wanting to share it with the group I had been with, I googled it. Only one thing came up – a request for the words from someone who remembered singing it in a High School Chorus at that time.

Apparently Karma, or something, had just obliterated the song.  It did once exist – I found a photo of the sheet music at a site selling old music.

Why did it disappear?  Is the sheet music still there somewhere in the music department archives?

Were we not “ready” for the message? Fearful even? Did the director, or the administration decide it was somehow dangerous?

More important. Are we ready for the message now?


15 responses to “ONE WORLD – THE LOST SONG

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  1. Awesome!!

  2. “Let no mortal man

    Change the Master’s plan” -but that’s really what mortals do, one thought and decision after the other. We decide on what we think benefit US personally- not mankind. Well, this is what I notice 🙂

    • Yes, Leelah. I agree. It is what we do. Any hope?

      • I dont think there is any hope as long as people seriously think that they are separated individuals. What works for me in belief in non-duality: all I can do is notice thoughts of hatred and attack in my mind and forgive them – .and when i do that, I notice that my perception change, and I am more and more peaceful with whatever happens – because the way I see the world changes from seeing the world as an insane place with dangerous attacking “animals” to seeing people that are crying for love – and I can extend the Love I am – we all are – to whatever that seems to be insane, inside my mind and apparently outside

  3. So Leelah, ask not for whom the bell tolls. I tolls for thee. … ?

  4. “One World” – May it come true.

  5. I recall it too, from high school in the 60’s. You can find a 1957 recording on YouTube now.

  6. My Senior class sang it at graduation in 1949. I’ve never given up that hope.

  7. I was talking to my sister we are seniors now seasoned with age. And I was on the prayer line singing No Man is an island. And she remind me of a graduation song One World Built On A Firm Foundation. She started singing I joined in. We didn’t know all the words but I Googled it. And when I heard the choir sing, awe it touched my heart. If they left songs like that in the school the kids today would be different. And even prayer out of the schools. People no longer sing of peace like we did back then..

    • I have a hard time thinking that song just faded away. It seems like the pressure was on even then to fight the one world idea. And yes, it was such a beautiful song. And we did sing it with such innocence at a time when some of us anyway thought the world had had enough of war. Thanks so much for commenting.

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