I need to leave the blogosphere for a while. I didn’t have time to get to my e-mails at all today. That’s ’cause I’m really busy setting up the garage sale for Friday June 1st and Saturday, June 2d.  I’m taking advantage of the fact that some kind volunteer does the advertising for the whole condominium group The last garage sale I did was when my granddaughter graduated from St. Olaf. This time the spur is her moving on to Colonial Williamsburg — happy news. It’s kinda fun going through my stuff, discovering things I just can’t part with, things I part with easily, and those I struggle over. If you live nearby, do come — and come early. Every item of clothing is $1.00 — some worth much more than that; others worth a dollar. there’ll be other things too, priced individually. Handbags, shoes, a penguin dehumidifier, fun odds and ends, and a box of stuff in which you might find a treasure for ten cents.

There’ll also be a great new bathroom sink vanity — never used — which could be perfect for your needs if it’s the right size. Come and check it out if you think it might be.

Thank you Thelma (not my sister Thelma) for the kind award nomination. I’ll be back on in a few days.

Oh, yes. Then there’s the issue of continuing to edit Mrs Job for TM Publications.

Wish me luck, please.



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  1. good luck with your garage sale, and your editing. we will miss you. hurry back and make lots of money!!

  2. Best of luck with the garage sale. The blog will be there when you feel ready to return. And the editing is top priority. 🙂

  3. Good Luck!

  4. I’d love to that garage sale! Have a great sale and a peaceful editing period –
    love, Leelah

    • Wouldn’t that be fun, Leelah, if you could be here. The biggest gain so far is more empty space in my closets, and the discovery of some long misplaced treasures along the way. Tomorrow is the bit set everything up day.

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