The best thing about a garage sale is clearing the shelves, and I’ve done a pretty thorough job of that. The next best thing is that this is a form of suburban recycling. I’m hoping to see happy people acquiring things they really want. The work is done. Tomorrow the fun begins. I hope to post before and after photos.


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  1. looking forward to photos!

  2. Sat. I went with friends on the 90 mile Dixie Highway Garage Sale. It happens every June. Vendors exhibit on the old rt. 41 from Marietta to Ringold Ga. Beautiful weather. And everything you could possibly imagine for sale. I got some wonderful buys. Of course I need nothing. Just need to get rid of my own things!
    In August every year the World’s longest yard Sale on rt 127 from Alabama to Michigan takes place. We went last year and stayed overnight in Chattanooga. Wonderful city. See

    Mona, check out the NYC book show at . Our daughter and kids are spending a few days in NYC after a few days last week up in Ct. with friends. One of her best friends is an exhibition planner involved in this book show,
    so the kids get to go to the programs and speakers’ sessions.right at the Javits Center at Times Square. I bought the twins each a tour book re NYC.with maps. Never let a learning experience pass you by!!! .

    • What an interesting comment! That sounds like fun, and thanks for the links. I understand there were garage sales all over the place in this area too, but nowhere near so organized or traditional as what you describe. I still have stuff displayed in my garage, mainly because I haven’t yet finished closing down and preparing things for the local thrift shops. See my blog entry (not yet written) for what I gained from my sale.

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