Remember the soap opera “As the World Turns?” Well, this one was “As my stomach turns.”

Those who know me are aware that I turn my brain off at 9:00 p.m. in the evening to turn on the idiot box, and maybe even watch it and do a crossword puzzle or something at the same time. I like hospital shows, but there’s not enough of them. And I like detective shows. But last evening I started watching one and felt my stomach turn as I yelled at the TV, “Shut up. I can’t take one more show where the bad guys are all black” and changed the channel. Hey, entertainment industry, isn’t it time for a change?!

And the truth is, those guys—the real ones – are hard working actors earning a living.

Get on the stick, theater industry. Change the story,

And by the way, why is the family on “Blue Bloods” always drinking? Oh, but stick to the topic, Mona. That’s another question. Just sayin’

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